Garden meet-ups

There are usually people at the garden doing various caretaking activities Saturday 9 am, Tuesday 7 pm, Thursday 7 pm and Monday morning.

So, if you would like to talk to someone about the garden you can stop by at these times and can also email lamplightgarden@gmail to confirm someone to meet you.

Saturday mornings at the Garden

We try to have a “formal” event at the Garden every other Saturday morning, but we are often there also the Saturdays in-between. We will be there Saturday, June 1 starting around 10 am to do various garden tasks, harvest some veggies and just hanging out. If you want to know if we are going to be there at any time just email anyone before and we’ll let you know.

Saturday, May 4th 10 am to ??

There will a repeat of the weed/plant identification class by Sarah Schopp as well general construction work (putting up a shade triangle, laying down irrigation tubing, general garden maintenance).

A more formal class will be next weekend, per our normal every-other-week schedule.  Tentative topic/s: Compost, Mulch, Fertility, Cover Crops, Plant Maintenance and Watering + (intro to Disease & Pests and Beneficials)

4/13/2019 Weekend Planting, Gardening Class and Membership Meeting

Saturday 4/13 at 13212 Lamplight Village Avenue, Austin, TX
10am-11am: Membership Meeting (1)

Sunday 4/14 at the Garden
3pm: Gardening Class and Plant Rows in Community Bed
5pm: Membership Meeting (2)


Welcome to all the new members and special thanks to those who helped to construct our beautiful garden!
This weekend we will be planting the rows in the large central community plot. This is the beginning of the whole growing season and we hope you will join us.
Vit Kaspar, Master Gardener, will be teaching an educational class. Come learn about various topics from the expert himself! Open to the whole community, no membership required.
Lamplight Community Garden is hosting the first general membership meeting. We will be discussing various topics, orienting new members, and deciding on a schedule. New members are highly encouraged to attend!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

– Jeremiah Bartlett on behalf of Lamplight Community Garden

3/9/2019 Garden Day

Time: 11:30am – 3pm (Flexible timeline)
Location: Lamplight Community Garden at Alderbrook Pocket Park

Work planned:
Move some extra dirt near the pile of mulch for future projects
Add limestone blocks as barriers to the north side of the communal plot
Build planting rows in the communal plot
Stain the new gate and benches if weather permits

We could use the help of up to 10 people – sign up here