Garden Organization

The Lamplight Community Garden operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Sustainable Food Center (SFC) which provides the required the non-profit sponsorship required by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD).  The initial construction of the garden has been substantively sponsored by a $5,000 grant from the Austin Parks Foundation (APF).

The Garden itself operates under self-written By-Laws, which prescribe a 2-level government structure.   First, a Membership Agreement form outlays the responsibility of individual gardeners to operate the physical operations of the garden e.g. planting, weeding and other upkeep.  Second, an elected Steering Committee operates the logistics of keeping the Garden operational e.g. organizing membership, planning classes and workdays, assigning responsibilities, modifying By-Laws as needed.

For additional information be sure to check out the Membership Registration & Rules and the Garden By-Laws