Garden Construction Day!

This coming Saturday, December 1, we are having an all-day garden construction event at the Lamplight Community Garden site starting at 9 am. (Alderbrook Pocket Park, 12444 Lamplight Village Ave.)
We plan on setting posts for the fence, spreading topsoil/compost for the in-ground beds and repairing/painting the shed.
If you would like to participate, you can RSVP here or just show up any time during the day. There is no need to volunteer for many hours, an hour or two at any time will be very helpful. The jobs will range from drilling post holes, leveling, setting and cementing posts to painting the posts, spreading and raking soil/compost, sanding and painting the shed and more.
All participants will be required to sign a release waiver (SFC and APF requirement) before starting the work activities.
We do have one special need, which is to haul a fair amount of lumber and other materials from Home Depot and so if someone has a trailer that we could use, let us know.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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